Why Choose Us

We have been custom designing, building and refurbishing lighting fixtures for generations. Our love and passion for the craft drives us to do the best job possible on each and every project. Whether our clients need a quick rewiring, a repair of a one of a kind priceless fixture or to custom design a unique work of art, we treat every project with love and respect. We have had many clients who came to us only after trying others who were unable to repair their fixtures, where other technicians claimed it impossible and gave up. Those same fixtures were fixed in days or even hours by our technicians. When you come to us you will have a dedicated, professional and friendly team who will make sure your fixture looks wonderful and works perfectly.

What we do at Lamp Repair Center?

  • Fix Broken Lamps, Fixtures & Chandeliers
  • Restore Antique Lamps, Fixtures & Chandeliers
  • Replace Parts for Lamps, Fixtures & Chandeliers
  • Transform, Build & Design a Variety of Objects Into Unique Lighting Options
  • Re-Wire Outdated Lamps, Fixtures & Chandeliers
  • Crystal Chandelier Cleaning
  • Ceramic, Glass, Wood and Crystal Drilling
  • European Conversion
  • All types of Halogen Repair jobs

Why we are great to work with?

  • Our Experience
  • Our Affordable Prices
  • Our Design Capabilities
  • Our In-House Stock of Products
  • Our Reputation
  • Our Reliability
  • Our Convenience
  • Our 3 Drop of Locations
  • Our Fast Service

Lamp Repair Center will offer free estimates, fast repairs, rush orders and design and restoration suggestions all in our in-house service centers, with convenient locations!

Atlanta's expert repair service for your lighting needs.

Main Location

Ansley Mall, 1544 Piedmont Avenue NE
Suite 129
Atlanta, GA 30324
Telephone: (404) 247-2829

My Favorite Place
5596 Peachtree Industrial Blvd
Chamblee, GA 30341
Telephone: (404) 247-2829

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